Changes to the vehicle registration certificate (V5C)

The V5C Form – What is it and what will the changes mean?

Tuesday 30 April, 2019

Continuing our commitment to our customers on being more than just an independent garage offering MOTs, car services, repairs and maintenance to our North London customers, we like to go the extra mile to provide as much additional information as we can to help with the whole motoring experience. 

In this article we are highlighting the changes that have been made to the DVLA’s V5C form and how these changes are going to affect the motorist. This article can be used in conjunction with our previous article “Tips for buying a used car – What to watch for”, to make the whole used car buying experience a lot more hassle free. 

What is the V5C Form?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) issues the V5C or vehicle registration document in order for you to register your vehicle with them when you become the legal owner. The document covers all the crucial details and information about the car including:

  • Date the car or van was first registered
  • The manufacturer 
  • Colour
  • Engine capacity
  • Registered keeper
  • *Owner (sometimes different to the registered keeper)

*It is important to understand that the registered keeper of a car or van cannot be classified as the same thing as being the owner of the car or van. The person listed as the registered keeper is the one accountable for the car tax, and not necessarily the person that can have a legal claim of ownership.

What are the V5C changes?

The changes that have been made range from how the document is laid out through to the inclusion of document reference numbers and perforations. The changes have been designed to simplify the form and so to make life easier for the motorist or garage completing it.  

For a detailed view of the changes, please click this link:Changes to the vehicle registration certificate (V5C)” to visit the bulletin that was released by the DVLA. 

What to look out for on the V5C Form

If you are buying a car from a garage the V5C form will be taken care of at the time of purchase by the garage itself. However, if you have chosen to buy your car or van privately, there a few points you should look out for on potentially fake V5C forms:

  • Check the watermark of the V5C to avoid forgeries
  • The name on the form should match the name on the person selling it – ask to check their identity with a passport or driving licence 
  • If any part of the V5C form is missing, do not proceed with the purchase

It is always worth doing your research on your purchase before proceeding and parting with any money.

Although here at Garage Express, we do not actually sell cars from our North London garage, we do feel this information will be useful or our customers. 


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