Fixed Car & Van Service Prices

Whilst we understand that other garages can call their services by different names, we have made ours simple. Our fixed services prices are precisely that, fixed! Our options are clear and already include VAT, meaning no nasty surprises. If there are any additional costs, they will be explained to you prior to us starting on your vehicle.

Simply choose from one of our comprehensive range of services to best suit your needs and budget and then call us on 0208 905 8788 to book in your vehicle.

Serviceable items for cars & vans up to 2.0 litres Silver Service Gold Service Platinum Service
Check front and rear lights
Check horn
Top up screen wash bottle
Check wiper blades
Check front (and rear) wash and wipe system and adjust jet settings
Check coolant strength and level (minimum -25C)
Check power steering fluid level
Visual look over top of engine compartment for obvious faults
Visual look over underside of vehicle for obvious faults
Replace engine oil and oil filter*
Replace pollen filter ***
Replace air filter
Replace spark plugs on petrol engines **
Replace fuel filter on diesel engines ***
Check tyre tread depths
Check front and rear brake pad wear
Reset service indicator (if manually resettable)
Stamp paper service book****
Check operation of interior and glove box lights
Visual check of airbags for signs of exterior damage
Check battery
Carry out diagnostic check of all compatible control units and list any faults
Lubricate door hinges, boot hinges and bonnet catch
Check tyre tread depths, condition and set correct pressures (including spare)
Check engine and components from above for leaks and damage
Check alternator belt, power steering belt, air conditioning belt (if all fitted)
Visual check of timing belt (if accessible type)
Visual check of braking system for leaks and damage
Check front and rear wheel bearings for excessive wear
Check shock absorbers and suspension springs for leaks and damage
Underside of engine check for leaks and damage
Manual/Auto gearbox check for leaks and damage
Manual gearbox, and Auto gearbox with dipsticks check oil level
Front suspension check all bushes and joints for excessive wear and damage
Rear suspension check all bushes and joints for excessive wear and damage
Rear final drive (if fitted) Check for leaks and damage
Steering joints check for excessive wear and damage
Drive shafts check joints for wear and damage
Underbody protection check for damage
Exhaust system check security and for leaks and damage
Carry out road test
Prices from £99 £139 £239

MOT Test Prices

Car & Van MOTs Car MOT Van MOT Class 7 MOT
Full MOT with FREE re-test
  £39.95 £39.95 £49.95

Notes to services:

*If you require Specialist Oils, these may incur an extra charge from £10.
**This relates to an extra charge if the car is fitted with Platinum plugs and an extra charge if any other parts need to be removed to gain access, e.g. inlet manifold.
*** Further costs may be incurred should additional parts need to be removed to gain access.
**** Updating of digital service books (DSB) may incur an extra charge.
***** The fixed service prices above have been discounted from our list service prices.


Book your Car, Van or Minibus using our quick book from or call our team on 0208 905 8788.

P. Bradley. MOT & Car Servicing Customer, Colindale, London

This was the first time my car has had an MOT and I have not had to spend a few hundred pounds to get it to pass. This is thanks to your servicing. Many thanks for looking after all my motoring needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending your garage to friends and family.

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