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Lockdown and MOT Tests – What you need to know

Tuesday 9 June, 2020

During these challenging times, our London based garage remains open. We’re helping support key workers and the local community to be able to maintain their vehicles for essential travel. We are also still able to undertake MOT tests at our MOT testing centre in Kingsbury, North London. 

An MOT at Garage Express is cheap at £34.95 and is one of the lowest MOT prices you will find locally in North London.

For many people having their car in working order is a vital part of being able to deal with the lockdown. To help motorists, particularly those people needing to travel to and from work in North London and beyond, the government announced that there would be a temporary exemption for vehicles requiring an MOT.

Rules for using your car have been relaxed and more people are on the road. You can use your car:

  • To purchase essential items, such as food or medicines.
  • To travel to your place of work if your place of work is now able to operate safely under government guidelines.
  • For medical purposes such as giving blood, taking care of an older or vulnerable person or if you are at risk of harm. 
  • To see loved ones.
  • To travel greater distances to exercise as many times as you like each day. 
  • To visit garden centres and car show rooms.
  • From mid June restrictions will be eased further.

The MOT exemption covers cars, vans and motorcycles that would normally require a valid MOT and is valid for 6 months effective from 30th March 2020. Any car that was due to have an MOT on or before the 29th March, will still require thar MT test to have been made. 

Cars must be roadworthy despite MOT test exemption

The government has clearly stated that all vehicles must still be maintained to a roadworthy standard that will be safe to use on the public roads. They have stated that they will still prosecute drivers that use an unsafe car or van on the road.

They have published a vehicle check list that should be followed to ensure the car or can is safe to drive, whilst waiting for the MOT test to be carried out. 

These include:

  • Checking all windows are clean
  • All lights work
  • The brakes work well
  • All fluid levels are maintained (including brake fluid)
  • The Battery retains its charge
  • There is sufficient windscreen washer
  • The tyres have the correct level of tread

Possible rush on MOTs in the future

All garages have been able to remain open during the lockdown period to cover the essential works of key work cars and vans, including MOTs. 

Following the temporary delay in MOT tests being taken, it stands to reason that, once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, there could be rush of motorists booking their cars in for an MOT. 

You don’t need to wait until the 6 months is over. Even seldom used cars need an MOT, so you can book your car or van in for the MOT test now and avoid the busy time once the restrictions have been relaxed. 

Older cars will need to be checked if they haven’t been used for a longer period of time as there may be some points that need checking. You may also find that you have a little trouble getting the car to start. If this is the case, first charge the battery, as it may have lost its charge. 

Hygiene precautions during the MOT test

We know that hygiene is a vital aspect of everyday life, so we have reinforced our hygiene levels in the garage for all our employees to follow. By following the government guidelines, we ensure that our attention to detail will help to safeguard everyone we work with

We ensure that:

  • Social Distancing is maintained in throughout the building
  • Our technicians and office staff regularly disinfected surfaces
  • Our office staff and technicians wash their hands: 20 seconds every 20 minutes
  • Customers’ cars and vans are thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant on the inside before and after use
  • We use disposable gloves during the MOT test 

We hope this gives you some peace of mind when we are working on your car or van. 

If you are in need of an MOT and would like to arrange for your car to be tested, then please give us a call and we will be able to help you. 


Book your Car, Van or Minibus using our quick book from or call our team on 0208 905 8788.

Fleet Manager, Fleet Van Servicing Centre North London.

Whilst travelling to you you ordered the part, and an hour after my initial call my van was on the lift and a new starter-motor was being fitted. An hour later I was on my way back to work. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Not only did you go out of your way to keep us working, you did it at a very sensible price.

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