Grey Fleet Car and Van Servicing.

Grey Fleet Car and Van Servicing.

Service, MOT and Maintenance of the Grey Fleet

Tuesday 18 October, 2016

Being based in North West London, we see a large number of fleet cars and vans requiring servicing, MOTs and maintenance that belong to what is generally termed the “Grey Fleet”. But what exactly is the grey fleet and what is involved with its management? Here we take a look at the details to help companies understand and better manage this area of the fleet business.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can help you keep your employees’ cars safe whilst driving on business trips, but also helping to keep the service and maintenance costs down.

Understanding the Grey Fleet

The area of Grey Fleet Management is often overlooked by small businesses and large fleet managers alike, however the regulations governing business responsibilities (Health and Safety Act 1974) which stipulates that all employers take suitable steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees and others who may be come in to contact with them during their work, means it has become much more important to ensure that all vehicles are serviced and maintained to a high standard. In addition, the recent legislative changes to the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 and the Health & Safety (Offences) Act 2008, have further highlighted these responsibilities. All of this legislation means that every Grey Fleet car must be fit for purpose.

Who is included?

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 clearly includes driving as an ‘at work’ activity. Previously it had been commonly assumed that the legislation only covered professional drivers or company car drivers.

The following are actually included:

  • Self-employed and those in employment (including contractors working for the organisation);
  • Irregular and regular drivers;
  • Use of Driver owned vehicles and employer owned vehicles– the Grey Fleet

What is included?

For clarification, an ‘at work’ journey covers all of the following examples. These are just an indication of many types of the journeys that are commonly discounted:

  • Rare journeys to meetings or training sessions;
  • Travel to events or conferences including events such as annual conferences
  • Trips outside the employees normal working hours – eg weekends
  • Irregular deliveries or visits made on the way to the employees usual place of work
  • Appointments at locations that are not the employee’s usual place of work.

To summarise, it is safer to simply assume that everyone and every journey is covered by the legislation.

Grey Car Service Plan

With so much emphasis being placed on the employers and fleet managers in particular, it is important that plans are in place to ensure the safety of the drivers and the quality of the maintenance of the vehicles involved. This can be helped by negotiating preferential discounts with local garages on behalf of employees. The plan can create a service schedule that will give a structure to the Grey Fleet and help your business adhere to the various legislations in place.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can help you keep your employees cars safe whilst driving on business trips but also helping to keep your fleet car and van service and maintenance costs down. Call us on 0208 905 8788 for more details.


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Fleet Manager, Fleet Van Servicing Centre North London.

Whilst travelling to you you ordered the part, and an hour after my initial call my van was on the lift and a new starter-motor was being fitted. An hour later I was on my way back to work. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Not only did you go out of your way to keep us working, you did it at a very sensible price.

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